BOTM - Joe Greer

Knickerbocker’s Books of the Month series makes use of books to bring you closer to friends of the brand. Each month we highlight a new individual and their selection of books.

Born in flint, Michigan and raised in Florida, Joe Greer has been making photographs ever since he moved to Spokane, Washington in 2010. It is Greer’s sole purpose to document life as he experiences it.

These are the books he turns to for inspiration and they have been made available to you in person at The Knickerbocker Bookstore, located in the back of our New York flagship, and online at We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Slant Rhymes by Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

Joe: Alex Webb was one of the first street photographers I was introduced to & started to study. Both Alex, and his partner Rebecca produced something very beautiful and poetic with‘Slant Rhymes’. Both share some of their most known work while paired with some personal essays by both artist. A must read!

50 USD. Purchase here.

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Regarding Emma by Melissa Ann Pinney

Joe: I stumbled upon this book‘regarding emma’ in my local book store here in Franklin, TN last year. Melissa is local to Tennessee so it was incredible to stumble upon this book being unfamiliar with her work. But this book showcases the life of her daughter emma. As I enter fatherhood in the summer of 2023, this book could not be more perfect for me in this phase of my life. Some of the best documentation of family i’ve ever seen.

50 USD. Purchase here.

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River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg

Joe: I came across Curran’s work earlier in 2022 and got his book River’s Dream. Growing up in rural florida myself, close to the area where the majority of the photographs from book were made, had me feeling pretty nostalgic. Curran’s work really brings the viewer in to his world. This is such an emotional collection of photographs. A story well told.

90 USD. Purchase here.

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Small Pleasures published by School Of Life.

Joe: Small pleasures is the only non picture book on this list. This book is riddled with single page chapters of very descriptive diction on the small pleasures of life. As a street photographer & someone who has started to crave simple living these last few years, I found this book to be very inspiring. Highly rec!

27 USD. Purchase here.

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England / Scotland 1960 by Bruce Davidson.

Joe: This book by Bruce Davidson shows an intimate portrait of England & Scotland during the 1960’s. Bruce has some of the most compelling compositions in the photography game. I loved getting lost in this book in a part of the world I don’t often see in fine art photobooks.

64 USD. Purchase here.

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