Good Art for Knickerbocker

Knickerbocker and Good Art Hollywood share a love for unique objects that have become iconic symbols of American life and its many rich subcultures. Over the coming years we plan to release a series of such objects in limited numbers. All designs will be molded and cast in Good Art’s one-of-a-kind facility in Los Angeles. These special scenes, recognizable shapes, timeless silhouettes and cultural phenomena evoke a magical feeling of joy for us and we hope they do the same for our you. Each object is embedded with a unique serial number related to its limited edition series release.


A familiar object can transport you to a distant memory, conjure an intimate feeling or encapsulate an entire history in an instant. One look at the quirky 10-Gallon Hat and scenic visuals from the American wild west will pop into your head while putting a smile on your face.

And so, we turned this famous silhouette into an opulent object. It’s functionality will serve you as a way to burn incense or to neatly place your smoke to rest.