Knickerbocker is a New York based brand founded by Andrew Livingston in September of 2013. The origin of the brand begins on the border of Brooklyn & Queens where Knickerbocker purchased a factory and set out to establish itself as a manufacturing company. The manufacturing company went on to cultivate a community of artists, brands and individuals who shared a mutual appreciation for doing things their own way. Open the factory doors and you were greeted with a skateboard ramp amongst rows of sewing machines, fabrics and a lengthy cutting table.

The factory was a vehicle, which provided an intimate environment to experiment with the nuances of fashion production from - the textiles, the machinery and the finishing of a garment. These formative years led Knickerbocker to garner an appreciation for people and process that the brand continues to work tirelessly to preserve. Today, the brand operates with the same intimacy, as in its own four walls of the factory, working closely with mills and factories of like-minded values to maintain its core principles of creating lasting product built on integrity.

From the factory, Knickerbocker created its own brand steeped in the roots of classic American style. The brand is a cocktail of influences fusing Andrew's early years in the factory with his interests in the arts, music, sport and America's many rich subcultures.

The collection of Knickerbocker is built around a desire to create meaningful items that its customers will cherish. Each collection must - be designed with utility and purpose in mind, have a story to tell, practice creative originality, respect tradition, encourage sustainable practices and serve future generations.